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Exclusive Customization for Dive Watches

Exclusive Customization for Dive Watches

We are a dedicated dive watch customization factory, providing both OEM and ODM services. Our factory has a wealth of experience and excellent technical expertise, serving numerous watch brands worldwide.

1.Rich Experience and Diverse Styles:

Our factory boasts years of experience in the field of custom dive watches, taking pride in producing a wide range of popular and newly designed dive watches. Our design team is constantly innovating to ensure that customers can find various styles on our official website, catering to both classic dive watches and cutting-edge designs. Each watch is meticulously designed to ensure it possesses unique aesthetic value while delivering exceptional functionality to meet the needs of diving enthusiasts.

2.Advanced Testing Equipment:

To ensure the quality and performance of our dive watches, we have introduced professional watch inspection equipment capable of testing waterproof depths of up to 500 meters. These devices conduct rigorous waterproofness tests on the watches, ensuring they can operate flawlessly even in extreme underwater conditions. This technological advantage makes our dive watches a highly reliable and durable choice.

3.Successful History of Collaboration:

Since 2017, the largest dive watch brand in the United States has been collaborating with us continuously. This longstanding partnership is built on mutual trust and enjoyable cooperation. The U.S. brand has consistently been impressed by the quality and design sensibilities of our products, which has led to continued collaboration.

Due to the consideration of customer confidentiality, we are unable to disclose specific customer information. We hope for your understanding. Our extensive customization experience, reliable quality, and sincere and passionate service approach have earned us a solid reputation and substantial growth in the field of watch customization. We welcome your inquiries and visits to our factory!

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