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Innovative Design-Crashed Watches

Innovative Design-Crashed Watches

Automatic mechanical watch (with customer's logo)

1. Movement: Miyota 8215 movement ;

2. Dial: three colors: Light Blue, Navy Blue, Black, hands with BGW9 super luminous;

3. Strap: 316L stainless steel with logo ;

4. Dial Window: sapphire glass

5. Watch case: 316L stainless steel

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Customer background

1.Company Location: USA;

2. Have your own watch brand;

3. Have its own independent retail website;

Project challenge

1. The appearance of this watch is novel and unique, and its irregular twisted shape poses certain challenges to production and customization capabilities;

2. Because the appearance is unprecedented in the market, there are many accessories that need to be molded, and the initial investment is large;

3. The customer is a start-up brand company and hopes to get our support in the early stage. The minimum order quantity for a single model is expected to be low. 

How to serve?

1. Communicate with customers sincerely and fully understand their ideas;

2. According to the customer's customization requirements, our designers will design the customer's ideas into drawings and confirm them repeatedly with the customer;

3. This twisted shape design is somewhat challenging, but we continue to experiment with the customer and finally turn the customer's design into a real object;

4. We sent the sample to the customer for confirmation, and the customer was very satisfied;

5. After the sample is confirmed, we will carry out mass production for the customer and quickly send the produced watches to the customer;

6. We also customize the packaging box for this watch according to the customer's requirements.

Results and Benefits

In order to cooperate with the customer to complete this different customization, we have paid a lot: the customer's first customization order is not large, but the early investment of manpower and material resources is huge, and the first order is almost no profit. But what makes us gratified is that due to the customer's unique vision and successful marketing, this watch quickly gained market recognition. Although the customer only customized 300pcs watches for the first order, the second customized quantity directly reached 8000pcs. This success is the result of the joint efforts of our customers and us.