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Multiple Customization Cooperation Options

Multiple Customization Cooperation Options

1. Private Label Service

We are an experienced and well-established watch customization factory with a rich history. We have a team of experienced watch designers and engineers who create stylish designs in line with current watch trends. These designs are initially produced as blank templates without any logos, not specifically tailored to a single buyer. Instead, they are offered as blank canvases that can be customized to fit your brand. These same designs can also be made available to other companies for branding and resale. This is often referred to as "white label" manufacturing or "private label" watches.

Some customers require quick custom watches, such as promotional gifts for their stores, branded watches for enhancing their corporate image, or they find certain styles suitable for their local market and want to quickly enter it by putting their brand on the watches, among other reasons. In cases where the styles meet your requirements and fast customization turnaround is needed, this option is viable.

There is no minimum order quantity for logo or engraving customization.

For adding custom logos or artwork to the dial or engraving on the back, there is no minimum requirement. You can simply select your watch choice from our catalog, provide your artwork or engraving, and we will prepare OEM watches for you within weeks.

2. Light Customization Service

For a watch, the most beautiful parts that showcase its beauty are often the dial and the strap. On the other hand, for startup watch brands or e-commerce entrepreneurs, they may have limited initial capital, uncertain market conditions, or simply wish to avoid significant upfront investment while still aspiring to create their own watch brand. In such cases, choosing to customize only the dial or strap is an option. Specific requirements for customization include:

Changing the strap or dial style with a minimum order quantity of 100-150 pieces of the same style (depending on the modifications needed).

3. Full Customization

If you want to go beyond printing, engraving, dial and strap color changes and truly make your watches unique, we offer that option too! You can customize the movement type, change case colors, materials, shapes, dial designs, and more to create a unique style exclusive to your brand. This advanced level of customization requires a production time of 45-90 days, with a minimum order quantity of 300-500 pieces per style (depending on customization requirements).

Dylawell's ODM watches are of excellent quality, and we provide a 1-year warranty for each watch. You can create branded watches with your logo and have them delivered to you quickly. Our headquarters are located in China, ensuring timely customer service.

4. Personalized Services

With over a decade of experience in the watch industry, if you only want to customize specific watch components, we can assist you in generating customized parts. Additionally, if you need not only customized watches but also custom watch boxes, we have extensive experience in helping you choose and customize the most satisfactory watch boxes, and more.

Please let us know your specific requirements, and we will work closely with you to achieve your customization goals.

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