Customization Strategies and Experiences for Small and Micro Watch Brands

With the flourishing development of the internet and social media, small and micro watch brands are experiencing unprecedented opportunities. Once monopolized by mainstream big brands, the watch industry is now witnessing the rapid growth of small and micro brands emerging from every corner of the globe. As a watch factory with over a decade of experience in OEM/ODM customization, we have unique insights and experiences during this transformative period and are eager to share them as valuable references for entrepreneurs.


Era Background and Opportunities

In the current era of continuous internet evolution and the rapid rise of social media, small and micro watch brands are in a golden age of rapid growth. By cleverly utilizing social media and self-media accounts, even startups have the chance to showcase brand charisma globally, provided they are creative and adept at social interaction.


Chinese Manufacturing and Watch Customization

China, known as the world's factory, naturally excels in watch customization. Especially, Shenzhen and Dongguan have become the primary production hubs for mid-to-high-end watches, providing outsourcing services for many renowned watch brands.


Customization Challenges and Solutions

However, a common challenge for small and micro brands is the minimum order quantity during the customization process. Watch customization involves different components such as watch cases, straps, glass windows, crowns, dials, hands, and indices. Manufacturers of these components typically require larger order quantities, while small and micro brands often require smaller quantities.


Solutions and Experience Sharing

Based on years of experience, we propose an innovative solution to address this challenge, offering some advice for small and micro brands in the watch customization process:


Centralized Production of High-Cost Cases and Straps: Initially, we recommend a one-time customization of 300 to 500 high-cost cases and straps to reduce unit costs, storing them at the collaborating factory.


Diversification of Design Elements: To enrich the brand's store with diverse styles, consider designing different dials, hands, indices, and even using various strap materials such as silicone, leather, nylon, and steel.


Through this approach, we not only meet the minimum order requirements of watch factories while minimizing costs but also expand our brand with a variety of styles to cater to different customer preferences.



Drawing on our own experiences, we actively explore methods to address the challenges faced by small and micro brands in watch customization. If you have any questions about watch customization, feel free to consult us. As an experienced watch factory with a team of designers and engineers, we look forward to sharing and growing together with more entrepreneurs.